Insurances Accepted

Medicare, Medicaid, Community Choice Medicaid, VSP (vision service plan), Cole Managed Vision/
Eyemed (CMV, General Motors retirees), National Vision Associates (NVA, Ford and some Chrysler
retirees), and others.


Our Services

• We are always accepting new patients
• 24 hour emergency availability at 231.330.1026
• Two office to offer a larger selection of frames
• Fitting of all types of contact lenses including disposables, toric for astigmatism, bifocals, colored Rigid Gas Permeables and custom one of a kind lenses
• Using all types of fitting modalities including 2 day and 2 week replacement disposables daily wear, extended wear up to 30 days, monovision to see in the distance and up close with out reading glasses, bifocal contacts
• Treatment of eye diseases including red eyes, pink eyes, infections, inflammation, glaucoma
• Treatment of injuries and aftercare including foreign body removal, abrasions, scratches and blunt traumas
• Prescription writing ability for injuries, infections, inflammation, glaucoma and schedule 2, 3 and 4 controlled substances

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